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McCulloch Rail Employee Engagement Days

McCulloch Rail took time out on Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th September to deliver another set of employee engagement days to over eighty employees throughout the two days. The ethos of the engagement days is to bring together all levels of staff from new employees, trainees, through to supervisory and senior managers along with the operations director Danny McCulloch in attendance. There are several work stations set up to re-create scenarios that the staff will encounter whilst out working on the infrastructure, such as on-tracking and setting up OTP, burning activities along with maintenance and operation of our very unique Trac Rail Transposers. The staff are given the opportunity to practise these activities and gain valuable knowledge from more experienced staff without the pressure of time constraints or other pressure experienced in a real live track environment.

Staff that are also looking to progress in to team leaders or supervisors are also given the opportunity to lead teams and activities under the guidance of experienced knowledgeable staff currently carrying out these duties.  

The opportunity is also taken to deliver briefings or discuss any recent safety related incidents or accidents that concern our staff.  This always generates interesting discussions on how we can improve our methods and how we deliver our work safely & efficiently out on site.

Jon Davies Head of Compliance & Plant Operations