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The FLASS is a tracked machine that accurately aligns and spaces up to fifteen sleepers per lift. Due to the unique operation of the hydraulic beam, the need for any manual handling, barring or fine lining is completely eliminated. 

The FLASS can install concrete, wood or steel sleepers at an average output of 10 to 12 length per hour accurately lined and spaced, but in ideal situations has achieved 15 length per hour. Snagging work is eliminated and tamping requirements are reduced giving a material saving to the overall cost of renewals.   


  •  Ideal for use on single line track layouts.
  •  Can install sleepers at 24, 28 or 30 sleepers per length.
  •  Can also be used to install 60ft lengths of rail on to the sleepers it has spaced and lined.
  •  Fully certified to work under live overhead line equipment.
  •  Completely eliminates manual handling.