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The TRT Jib attachment is a safe and practical alternative to allow lifting operations in multiple positions to take place in live OLE areas. The Jib is capable of lifting various track furniture up to a maximum of 500kgs.

  •  Can lift a maximum weight off 500kg at 1 metre/200kg at 2.5metres
  •  Ideal for removal and installing of points/switch motors or hollow bearers
  •  It is fitted with a load limiting device to limit operation that would cause overloading or overturning
  •  Has hydraulic control levers out with the Arc of slew to protect operator
  •  Comes with adjustable cradle to allow multiple lift uses
  •  Can easily be delivered by road transport to most railway access
  •  Can work under live OLE (catenary)
  •  Can totally eliminate the need for manual handling
  •  Hydraulic restrictions in place to ensure TRT cannot be operated while jib is use
  •  Is fully remote control (manual controls are available)