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The TRT plough attachment is a safe and economical alternative to clearing ballast from the sleeper ends for rail drops and ballast profiling. The TRT Plough eliminates manual handling and fatigue and can work on most track types. There can be multiple TRT and plough systems used in conjunction with each other if there is particularly heavy ballast on site.

  •  Has the capability to clear the majority of ballast from either side of the track on the sleeper ends
  •  Can work under live OLE (catenary)
  •  Height of ballast plough can be altered for different sleeper heights
  •  Can easily be delivered by road transport to most railway access
  •  Can save time and money on manual process of ballast clearing
  •  Reduces fatigue on manual alternatives
  •  Can plough over 1 mile of ballast on an average midweek shift