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Rail Logistics

Over 50% of all Close Calls reported to Network Rail are directly linked to scrap rail as tripping hazards.  McCulloch Rail’s scrap recovery system has already recovered tens of thousands of tonnes of scrap rail from Network Rail’s infrastructure.  This unique method of recovering scrap rail from the infrastructure in a controlled efficient way, transporting the rail in gauge and fully supported on the McCulloch Rail trolley system, has been the preferred choice of not only Network Rail but also the choice of many of their principle contractors. 

The scrap rail is strategically positioned and prepped into the desired lengths stipulated by the client.  This maximises the efficiency of the collection process.  The rail is loaded and transported to the agreed access point.  The rails are unloaded and stacked ready for collection from the access.  Like all great ideas, simple but very effective.

This method of working is not only used to collect scrap though. We simply reverse the process! New rails such as transition rails, IBJ’s, closure rails, switches or crossings can be delivered to an access point, loaded on to the rail trolleys and transported under live overhead line equipment any distance, in gauge through platforms, S&C, bridges or structures and unloaded at the desired location.  Up to 28 60fts can be loaded and distributed in any one run.  

A common request is “Can McCulloch Rail load and transport long lengths of CWR?” The simple answer is yes! Using the same system that is used to collect scrap or transport new rails or S&C components, we simply add more rail trolleys, depending on the length of the CWR.  Any length of rail from 15ft to 709ft of rail can be loaded, transported any distance, in gauge under live overhead line equipment if necessary and unloaded at the desired location.


  • Safe controlled lifting of scrap rail, maximising output while minimising risk of damage.
  •  Approved to work under live overhead line equipment.
  •  Suitable for delivery or removal of all rail profiles, switch rails and crossings.
  •  Approved to work Adjacent Line Open.
  •  Any length of rail from 15ft to 709ft can be transported any distance, in gauge.