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Choose one of our most common problems below to see how our machines solved it with ease.

Our machines cover a wide range of services, and can be the solution to your rail logistics problems.

I have bridge/viaduct improvements that require track removal.

I have a green field site and need to construct a new line.

I have a large distance in which I need to install sleepers over.

I need to install sleepers on a single line.

Is it only track panels that can be lifted with the panel lifter?

Would I need to provide additional labour to work with the panel lifter?

I need to remove track panels and transport them to an access point.

I need to remove track panels and reinstall them.

I need to lift a track panel, what are the limitations?

There are Adjacent Lines Open next to the line I want to re-rail.

Is there a maximum rail transportation length?

I need to transport S&C ironwork.

I need rails positioned on the line furthest from the access point.

Can the TRT’s offer me any advantage over other plants?

I have CWR I need to install.

The CWR has been dropped/located on the wrong track.

I need to install new CWR.

I need to remove long lengths of rail.